Scally-Ho! premieres at ECCC!

I am excited to announce the very first full issue of Scally-Ho! will premiere at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle!!!

"Scally-Ho!" is the all ages children's comic series I have been working on with the series creator and my buddy, Alex Willan. We have mused over collaborating on a project together for... well since we've known each other practically, and this is it! ...Or at least the first of many.



Alex is a children's illustrator and author, with the first of his children's books slated for a summer 2019 release with another soon to follow. Two summers ago, on a trip to a comic convention hosted in his place of origin, Louisville, KY, hours of conversation in a hot car led to planting the seed for "Scally-Ho!". Conversation about what? Well a chicken of course.

Since then further chatter developed into the Scallywags comic and the first full printed issue of "Scally-Ho!". It has been a year since I first started the "Meet the Scallywags" web comic and mini zines introducing these characters and their world to whomever dared express interest. Hot off the tail end of wrapping up the third issue of "Galaxy-Hero" (to be continued in another post!) and in the midst of juggling multiple design clients, and thus two straight months deprived of sleep and social life, I'm putting the final touches on our first book.

If you aren't familiar, "Scally-Ho!" is an all-ages comic series chronicling the adventures of the Scallywags: a band of misfit kids and one chicken, driven by exploration as they sail the high seas aboard their ship and treehouse, the Rapscallion. You can read all of the latest "Meet the Scallywags" right here on the front page of my website! Neato!

So this Wednesday I set sail for Seattle with Alex and the lovely Melissa Sue to get our first copies of "Scally-Ho!" into some grubby hands. I hear word we may have a stowaway on board as well, an articulate friend who loves comic cons, made mostly of paper. But I digress... If you're coming to ECCC, come by Artist Alley table A14 and say howdy. We're also coming to C2E2 in Chicago in April with a sweet "Scally-Ho!" flavored table. Hope to see you there!

Thanks for readin'!

"CLUCK! CLUCK!" (Peace out!) *translated from chicken

"CLUCK! CLUCK!" (Peace out!) *translated from chicken