2016 So Far: ...Galaxy Hero!

I have exciting news.

Last year, a special project reunited the forces of myself, creative partner (read: thismapisbullshit) and special lady Melissa Sue Stanley and Dave Schneider, co-writer of Mystery Afoot. Adopting the name of acclaimed bar trivia team of the same name, Salsa Sharks, we conspired with Aimee Quinkert and Revolution Brewing to create an official comic book starring Revolution's official beer of C2E2: Galaxy Hero!!!

For the past month or so, I have been devoting every hour of every day to completing a comic worthy of our cosmic hop-headed hero. Collaborating with the talented Melissa Sue has been a true joy, as we championed all visual of the book and brought Dave's witty and insane story to life. 

In the past weeks, we and RevBrew have made the occasional tease of this mystery product's progress on the social media stratosphere. Now it is with pride that this Bare may emerge from his art cave and join the announcement of Galaxy Hero #1 !!!

The comic will make its official launch Thursday, March 3 at Revolution Brewing's Galaxy Hero Re-launch Party where you can be one of the first to sip a Galaxy Hero brew this year and pick up a copy of the comic. The event will also feature a marketplace where us Salsa Sharks and other creative minded locals will be selling cool wares. Also you can try your hand at donning the costume of Galaxy Hero himself! RSVP here.

Additionally, the Galaxy Hero comic will be available at the Revolution Brewery booth all C2E2 weekend.

I will have future updates on the book and new exciting happenings all too soon. For now check out this sweet cover created by yours truly and Melissa Sue Stanley.

...I'm going to enjoy my last minutes post-hibarenation before I get back to work...