Voodoo Hoodoo! : Live Painting and New Work

This Tuesday was Mardi Gras and boy did I celebrate that night ... drawing at my drafting table!
That's cool though because I went to the "Voodoo Hoodoo" show this Saturday at Baderbräu Brewery in Chicago. The event was hosted by Chrispy and Brain Killer, complete with tons of great Voodoo inspired work, Cajun music, all the crawfish you could eat and of course, beer. I had a new piece up and did some live painting which I rarely do. Good times were had and one too many Red Velvet beers were probably imbibed by yours truly.

"Hoodoo's and Don't's" available for sale at Baderbräu. Live painting availble for sale on inquiry (email me!).

"Hoodoo's and Don't's"
Baron Sademi inspired character in training.