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As Huey Lewis would say, "This is It! (Dooo-Wop!)" - the beginning of a brand spankin' new series from children's illustrator/writer/pal Alex Willan and myself: "Scally-Ho!" 

"What is 'Scally-Ho!'?" you eagerly ponder? Why, "Scally-Ho!" chronicles the adventures of the Scallywags, a band of rogue kids and one chicken who charter the unchartered aboard the Rapscallion, their trusty sea vessel. 

Furthermore, "Scally-Ho!" is an all-ages story for explorers young and old (even old geezers).

Alex and I are hard at work completing the very first issue slated for a print release winter 2018. Meanwhile you will get to peer inside the Scally-World through a continuing series of one-shot stories introducing each member of the Scallywags.

Thus - the only suitable title for this webseries shall be "Meet the Scallywags" and it shall thusly begin....NOW!