Mobile & Web

Designing for native mobile and responsive web comprises much of my expertise as a Visual Designer in the industry. Developing an engaging product demands integrity in design and an experience that will delight users as well as establish dependable expectations. Supporting interaction design and constant collaboration with project and development teams, all are duties necessary in success.

Examples below I created as Senior Visual Designer at Vokal, for internal or client purposes.
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Project: FindMyBus  •  Platform: iOS  •  Role: Visual Design & UX Support

Vokal assisted a team of young startups in bringing their app to life. Winners of an entrepreneurship competition from a local high school, the young team envisioned an iOS product for parents and students to track their bus route to school.


Platform: Responsive Web  •  Role: Visual Design & UX

Vokal created a system to compile analytical data from a wide network of sources, build complex KPIs and visualize the most applicable data as a quick read snapshot.
*Designs represented  do not reflect final versions of the product nor the look of the current Vokal brand.

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