UX Components

A product will often present us with a problem that requires a new solution. This is where the fun happens. With some extra research, user testing and clear communication with development, we can design a unique control that is predictive and engaging.


Platform: Android  •  Role: Visual Design

Animated Progress Component
Vokal was tapped by VG-Bio to develop a mobile product that paired with wearables to collect data from patients with cardiac health problems. The mobile app needed to encourage users to self-monitor for a length of time. Working with the team's UX designer and development team, we needed to represent progress in a way that was immediately readable and easy to use.



Role: Visual Design

Vokal was developing a unique gaming experience for their client to delight sports fans. I brainstormed with our UX designer and iOS/Android development teams, to inject a little whizbang into some crucial controls: a value picker and a single selection control. After much experimentation, animatics, sketching and prototyping we arrived at treatments both fun and familiar.


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