Character Design Examples

My experience in concept design has been primarily for developing client or personal
projects such as comic books, illustration, branding and animation.
Below are my latest examples along with some information on the project.

Bigfoot & Nessie Studies

In an effort to re-imagine the heroes of the comic I co-created, “Mystery Afoot”, for animation,
I warmed up with a series of homages in the style of some of our favorite cartoons!



Character Sheet

Study for a future self-published comic project. Showing some emotional range for this pirate girl.



Gnome Sketches

Some of my preliminary sketches for a gnome character that appeared in an issue of Rolled & Told published by Lion Forge.

Final product - panels from Rolled & Told magazine

Final product - panels from Rolled & Told magazine

Another panel from rolled & Told Magazine

Another panel from rolled & Told Magazine



For the Future of Hip Hop Characters

A couple space critters designed for “For the Future of Hip-Hop” Bryan Ford album release feat. Killah Priest.
Characters personified the album’s music and guests, inspired by retro comic sci-fi and funk album art.



Instructional Video Characters

I designed characters for use in a business-to-business instructional video.
Each character type represented a possible classification of invader that might threaten security.
Characters were used in a puppet-rigged animation.



Thank you for your time and consideration.